Get Started with Adobe Connect
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Start, Attend and Manage Sessions

Play VideoStart, Attend and Manage Sessions

Getting Started with Adobe Connect

Play VideoGetting Started with Adobe Connect 11

Adobe Connect Meetings Overview

Open PDFAdobe Connect Meetings Overview

Adobe Connect Training Overview

External Link Adobe Connect Training Overview

Adobe Connect Events Overview

External Link Adobe Connect Events Overview

Quick Start Guide: Hosts and Presenters

External LinkQuick Start Guide: Hosts and Presenters

Quick Start Guide: Participants

External LinkQuick Start Guide: Participants

Quick Start Guide: Meeting

External LinkQuick Start Guide: Meeting

Quick Start Guide: Webinars

External LinkQuick Start Guide: Webinars

Quick Start Guide: Virtual Classrooms

External LinkQuick Start Guide: Virtual Classrooms

Event Check List

External LinkEvent Check List

Read ArticleStandard View and Classic View in Connect 11.2

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